We Won Wapakoneta Scrimmage!

Team Calamari participated in a scrimmage on April 10th to finish off our 2020-2021 season! The competition went great, and we finished as the captain of the 1st place alliance. Furthermore, our team was undefeated! We had lots of fun, and learned a lot! Shoutout to team 10851 WASA for hosting this event, and our winning alliance teammates,  team 14174 Cougar Robotics, and team 14279 Broken Circuits!

We’re headed to the Ohio FTC State Championship!

Saturday, February 9, 2019 — Four years after the team’s beginning, Team Calamari is headed to the Ohio FTC State Championship!! After beginning to understand how FIRST Tech Challenge worked, we began an effort to revitalize and focus on building high quality, carefully engineered robots during the 2017-2018 Relic Recovery season. As result of this effort, the team has won many awards, including the Design Award, the Control Award, and most recently, the Think Award. This effort reached a new success today when we learned that it will be moving on as the Top Qualifying Round Scoring Alternate with a match score of 310 with 6298 Broken Axles during the Van Wert OH Qualifying Tournament.

We are so excited to move on to the next tournament for the first time in our team history! We can’t wait to hangout and compete with all our fellow teams. Our sponsors deserve a special thank you for all their support of our team. Time to make final improvements and practice a few more times! Calamartian is ready to touch down on the surface of Loveland, OH.

Let’s go, Team Calamari!!!