Community Outreach

STEAM Center Outreach
Here we are demonstrating our robot from FIRST RES-Q at the Otterbein STEAM Innovation Center’s Grand Opening.

Team Calamari has participated in and continues to be active in a variety of community outreach events. We seek to be active in the community, sharing the mission of FIRST and spreading the reach of STEM. We love to answer questions about how our robots work. At each outreach event, we allow the community to drive our robots. Through these events, we hope to inspire others to be interested in science and technology. Examples of events we have participated in include:

  1. We educated people about FIRST and FTC at the Buckeye FRC Regional Competition at Cleveland State.
  2. We demonstrated last season’s robot and gave general information about FIRST at Educational Robotics of Central Ohio‘s “Open House for Robotics.” At this event, many families showed interest in FTC and joining Team Calamari.
  3. We handed out flyers and information about FIRST at the Opening Day of the Ohio State Fair with other FRC and robotics teams. We received awards for our exhibit and were able to share with hundreds of people.
  4. We participated in SolidWorks software and modeling training at the Columbus Academy led by FTC Team #6253 Avalanche. This training was very beneficial and we look forward to future possibilities to work with other FTC teams.
  5. We demonstrated last season’s robot and gave general information about FIRST at Otterbein University’s 2016 Grand Opening of their new STEAM Center. Hundreds of people from the community came through the building and learned about FTC and FIRST. We really appreciate our partnership with Otterbein and the space they allow us to use.
  6. We also were able to share about what we are doing with business owners and investors at an Otterbein event. Many people enjoyed learning about what Team Calamari does and the opportunities to participate in robotics in middle and high school.
  7. We led a workshop at the 2017 Relic Recovery Kickoff to help rookies by looking at successful things we have done. Teams found this workshop interesting.